January 22, Morning session

Kampung Pudak Outing
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Venue: Kg Pudak, BSB

February 23, Morning Session

National Day Outing
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Venue: SOAS, BSB

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Temburong Rainforest Outing
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

How to do Light Painting

Not sure if i'm the 1st one from BSRC to do it..
But i'm sure yg lain pun pandai buat tu... coz i'm not a PRO nor an International Photographer...
I'm still new..and still learning.

Things u need for Light Painting:
- Ur Camera (Ofcoz lah)
- Torchlight yg damit/ maglight or those lighter yg ada lampu
- Tripod (kalau nada tripod, pakai saja anything utk kamu ampai ur camera)
- Dark Room
- Shutter Release Thingy (err..ngam kah ni.. ngam lah..if u have it lah..nya drg sanang pakai ani)

Settings? ok i'm not much of a setting girl.. nda ku reti setting2 camera ni..serious...
- ISO 100 or 200
- Shutter speed... the slowest as possible...

How i do it:
1) Aku focus kan ke dinding..arah mana i will sit or stand utk 'menulis'
not too far lah... maybe about...emm.. maybe around 7ft away..like that lah
2) Set the timer
3) tutup lampu and run to the area aku focus tadi....
4) dgr bunyi timer... when the shutter 'klik'(the 1st klik) aku start 'menulis' until the 2nd klik. Apa yg aku tulis tu must finish before the 2nd klik.
5) if u wanna write a name mcm BSRC. 1st write B, pastu tutup the flashlight/maglight with ur hand, open and write S, pastu tutup gi, pastu open and write R, pastu repeat the same and write C (trial and error lah)
6) Be sure to point to ur camera

ok maybe u don't understand what i mean by 1st klik and 2nd klik...
It's the open and close of a shutter. so when u klik, once the shutter is open..u 'write'2 sampai the shutter close.

NOTE: What u 'wrote' will be terbalik... so all u have to do is 'flip' it bila kamu udah upload arah PC.

Kalau nda faham... tanya lagi lah....

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