January 22, Morning session

Kampung Pudak Outing
Theme: Tba
Venue: Kg Pudak, BSB

February 23, Morning Session

National Day Outing
Theme: Tba
Venue: SOAS, BSB

March - (April 1st) - 3 days 2 Night stay

Temburong Rainforest Outing
Theme: Wildlife, Macro, landscap
Venue: Ulu2 Resort.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Selling Pavlova and Pudding

Hello Dearest Photographer.....

Just doing some promo here..... my another side business aside from Make-up.

I am selling theseeeeeeeeeee.....

*Sorry for the bad quality photos... Lama nda jadi photographer hehehe BUT ALL ARE YUMMYLICIOUS according to my regular customers*

1) Cheesy Strawberry Marie Pudding... For the Cheese Lovers
Suitable for Birthday Party, Farewell, Office gathering etc
prices depends on the container size provided since we have limited ones (email to quote for price)

2) Creamy Oreo Marie Pudding (Popular Demand)
Suitable for Birthday Party, Farewell, Office gathering etc
prices depends on the container size provided since we have limited ones (email to quote for price)

3) PavvyLove (Pavlova to be exact).

It's a meringue based dessert for those who love Sweeeetttsssss..... topped with Own-Made cream(No i dont use Fresh Cream) and Fruits (Strawberry, Peach, Kiwi or Cherry).

I am selling it for $1 per pcs and minimum order is 25pcs. Order must be made 3 days in advance.

To order.. kindly send email to syazlie29@gmail.com
All orders should be made 3 days in advance.
Pick Up only.. NO DELIVERY... Sorry... =)
Thank You

Monday, July 19, 2010

. Agah Permadi in Brunei .

Good news to all photo-enthusiasts!!!. CandidSYNDROME Brunei is pleased to present you the “ASAH MATA” photographic workshop. This time around we will bring to you exclusively from Indonesia, “Agah Permadi”.

Agah Permadi is one of the Gurus in digital photography. Having vast knowledge on photography and digital technology, he is capable of exerting such skills in producing stunning images worth thousands of dollars and has been sold successfully to International companies.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn the digital post-process (Photoshop) from him; a nice and humble man who do not rely on expensive cameras or fancy gimmicks to produce superb quality images.

This workshop will kick off once we managed to get the minimum numbers of 20 participants. So, let this workshop be your investment to gain a priceless knowledge. Don’t forget to bring along your friends too!!!

The fees per person is charged at $380 for public (inclusive of refreshments & outing as indicated in the programme). However, for students and those who participated during the 1st. Asah Mata Workshop last March 2010, is entitled to enjoy up to 20% discount. A deposit of $150 per participant is required in-order to secure your seats.

Make your reservation NOW!, and contact :

Amir Ahmad on + 673 8750300;
Mubarak Mashor on +673 8849823;
Fadi Sulaiman on +673 8893720


DAY 1: 06 AUGUST 2010 (FRIDAY)



Hunting Photo To Ray Location (ROL Hunting)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New BSRC Photography Section Committee

Following the BSRCPhotography Photo Display launching today 12 May 2010 at BSRC, an AGM was held among which the new committee members are elected as follows. The committee will be in office for 2 years until 2012.

Mohd Husini Bakar

Vice Captain:
Haji Mohammad Jaya

Pg Hj Azmi Razak

Hj Amirhalim Hj Ahmad

Event Coordinator:
Romeo Wee Edong

Mohammad Bakar
Amir Abdul Latip
Sheikh Khalid Sheikh Ahmad
Azlina Ishak

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Congratulations to Dedy Helmi & wife on the birth of their baby son.

On behalf of the BSRC Photography Section.